Our Team

 "The secret is the desire"

Heber Marchioni

Heber is responsible for defining the strategy of M & M . Brand guidelines for obtaining and using company resources according to plan . Determines the objectives and organizes tasks . Manage relationships and decision maker M & M . 

Enzo Marchioni: 

Enzo is a founding member of the company. It is who manages and runs the site, is responsible for updating and editing the videos of our representandos and maintains active ties with our customers and friends . Its field of action is directed towards the promotion and comercilaizacion products M & M , as well as the activities of marketing, market research and advertising.

Ana De Pietro: 

Ana is a Cellular Memory Facilitator, Massage Therapist and Biomusic Operator. Within the company, he is the one who works with the physical, mental and energetic energy of the soccer players that require it to help them recognize themselves internally and that they can develop their maximum potential.